Historische Ansichtskarten von Laupheim


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From home with love

Seit weit über einem Jahrzehnt lebt meine Schwester (Twitter) ausserhalb Europas. In ihrem Blog hat sie einen lesenswerten Beitrag über Heimat, Identität und diese Webseite geschrieben.

The most fascinating aspect of this project however aren’t even the pictures on the postcards – although some are quite beautiful and intricate, especially the really old ones. What really grabbed my attention were the stories behind them. Laupheim, despite its over 1,200 year-history, is a small town with little to make it stand out.

What compelled people to come here, purchase a postcard, and send it to a friend or loved one? Were they just passing time while waiting for an appointment, in the same way someone today might use Twitter or update their Facebook status?

http://heimatseeker.tumblr.com/post/8597226098/from-home-with-love (englisch)

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